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Top 5 Summer Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again, the kids have a long 6 weeks off school & thoughts turn to day trips & holidays! Well here our our top tips for getting the best out of your car this summer….

1.  Sunshades

For those times when you’re not driving, but the car is still out in the sun, a cover that goes in the windscreen will protect the dashboard against UV rays and help the car stay a little cooler. Consider shades for the rear side windows, too, as they’ll provide some protection for the kids. 

2. Coolant &  Other Essential Fluids

Keeping cool is paramount, not just for ourselves but also for our cars. It is recommended that you check that your coolant fluid level is between the maximum and minimum marks on the tank every week or 2 & before any long trips, this is absolutely vital if you are to prevent overheating in the summer. If you are regularly having to top up your coolant you might have a leak, use some K-Seal to fix this. While your at it don’t forget to check your oil, brake, power-steering and Screen-wash fluids regularly. These liquids never stop being used and consumed.

3. Wipers

Yes, it’s summer, but it’s probably going to rain at some point. Worn wipers create nasty streaks across the windshield and can affect your vision while driving. Replacing them doesn’t cost much, but it can be a fiddly operation, which is why we offer a FREE fitting service.

4. Clean the Car

Long summer evenings when the sun is low, sound lovely. But they can also be a dangerous, especially when your car’s windscreen is dirty. Grime has a tendency to build up over time (especially in dry dusty weather), so we don’t really notice it. Things look much sharper after your car has had a good wash, though. And a good quality glass cleaner or handy wipes will keep the inside clear. Keeping the exterior clean also protects the paintwork from any damage caused by birds and insects. For a quick fix try Autoglym’s Bird Wipes, to catch the problem before it bakes on.

5. Driving in Europe?

Don’t forget that as well as driving on the other-side of the road, they also have different laws on what you need to carry in your car. Check whats required for the country’s your going to , this AA page is a good one to use. We keep all the required items in stock for your trip.




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